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Motorized Bicycle Break In Procedure

I get this question all the time, what is the proper break in procedure for a motorized bicycle engine.

The short answer is that it depends on who you talk to, as with any subject there are many experts on the subject.

The break in procedure that I follow is, 20:1 for the first tank, during this tank I like to seat the piston rings. I do this by firing up the bike, letting it warm up slightly and then ride it and vary the throttle position at constant intervals (about 10 seconds). Repeat this cycle for about 10 – 15 minutes, and try to rev up the throttle slightly in each interval so you are going faster during each cycle.

After the first tank, I end up at 25:1 for the next few hundred kilometers. After that I wouldn’t do anything leaner then 35:1.

I also recommend a good synthetic 2 stroke motor oil (Never use a 4 stroke, or car engine oil).

Also normal pump gas is sufficient for these type of engines.