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GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A 66cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit


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Compatible with GT5A


Our SkyHawk motorized bicycle engine kits are made to easily convert a standard bicycle into a gas powered motor bike. Get around faster and save money by transforming almost any bike into a fuel efficient moped. You can get up to 60 km/h and get about 100 km per liter with our bicycle engine kits. This motorized kit can save you hundreds of dollars in gas and is a great alternative to pedaling your bike.

 Features of the Grubee SkyHawk Engine Kits      

  • 2.75 HP Considered one of the most powerful engines in its class
  • Industry leading engine considered by most as the best motors around

This motorized bicycle engine kit comes with everything you need to turn almost any bicycle into a moped. You can start and stop your engine as you ride. You start the engine by pedaling so no rope or pulling is needed to start the engine.

With the angle fire slant head motor the spark plug is at a 45 degree angle instead of pointing straight up. This gives the engine some more compression and can add up to an extra 5 km/h to your engine.

GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A Motorized Engine Includes

  • GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 Brand 2-Cycle 66cc Slant Head Bike Engine Kit
  • 40mm Intake Stud Spacing (Required for Boost Bottle Kits)
  • 2.75 HP
  • Standard Engine Finish
  • Friction Clutch; Pedal Start
  • Magneto With Solid State CDI Ignition
  • 44Tooth, 9 Hole Chrome Sprocket
  • 5 Plate Sprocket Kit
  • 2.5 Liter/0.66 Gallon Fuel Tank, Tear Drop Shape (Black Color)
  • Black Cat Muffler
  • Push Button Clutch Lever And Cable
  • Twist Throttle With Engine Kill Switch
  • Improved Gas Valve
  • Drive Chain Idler
  • Standard NT Carburetor
  • Chrome Lined Cylinder Wall
  • Head With Center Fire Spark Plug
  • 202 Crankcase Bearings
  • Needle Bearings On Piston Wrist Pin
  • Standard 415 Chain
  • Chain Guard
  • All The Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, And Hardware Including Nylon Locking Nuts
  • Complete User Manual (Click here to download)

As per legal requirement we need to accurately disclose and label the correct engine size to the customer. The long standing factory branding of the 80cc bicycle engine isn’t accurate. The true displacement of the GT5 bicycle engine kit is actually 66cc. Volume is calculated by V= pi x Radius^2 x Stroke. In Canada the volume of the cylinder is only used when calculating the engine displacement. 47mm bore x 38mm stroke is a 66cc engine. This is the largest motorized engine that exists. There is no such thing as an 80cc bicycle engine kit (This is only used as a marketing gimmick).

All of our bicycle motor kits are now equipped with a catalytic converter exhaust with a Palladium filter insert. This greatly reduces the amount of pollutants coming out of the engine and makes our engines. No other motorized bicycle engine kit has this in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating
    FUN FUN!
    Review by Jasonon 5/16/2015
    Once you get it together (you have to tinker with it a bit), it's a lot of fun to toot around on! Well worth it!
  • Overall Rating
    I've already had 66cc motor kit but someone needed it more than me so they stole mine.
    Review by F***manon 3/20/2015
    The 66cc slant fire is the best motor going. I ride hard and don't let up much on the throttle and as long as you do your proper upkeep these motors just don't quit. Their like what the 318 was for dodge.
  • Overall Rating
    alot of fun
    Review by Tyleron 9/23/2014
    i purchased this as a summer hobby, it has been a lot of fun both to build and to ride. however my particular motor has now cooked 3 magneto coils, i am installing a forth currently. this may just be an issue with my particular engine as a friend of mine also ordered one at the same time and has had no problems. over all, very fun toy, does requir some tinkering and mechanical skill though.
  • Overall Rating
    Cool starters project!
    Review by Chrison 3/2/2014
    I know absolutely nothing about motors, and did no research prior to purchasing the 66cc kit. Put it all together and it ran on my first try, was pretty easy to assemble. Had to get a different rear wheel and sacrifice my rear disc brakes. Other than the fuel line, everything came with the kit. Works awesome, gets me going about 60km/h on flat ground, sometimes a bit faster if the mix is perfect and she's hot. Only a few problems arose, some due to my inexperience with engines of any sort, some manufacturer problems.

    - Within the clutch assembly, where the two gears are, the bolt holding in the smaller gearwheel came loose during operation, then punched out through the casing. I tightened it back in, cleaned up the savings and put on some JB Weld, works fine.

    - The plastic throttle is maybe not a great idea, maybe a cheap aluminum one would be safer. Where the curved metal tube threads into the throttle (the one guiding the throttle cable to the throttle tube) is threaded into plastic, and this thread broke very easily, but only slightly. Just slightly enough to fray the throttle cable, and it then got stuck in the open position while I was operating it. The kill switch worked intermittently, and this was not one of those times. I hit my brakes and dug my feet into the ground to stop. I highly recommend people purchase an all aluminum throttle body (the throttle tube can be whatever) and keep 'er oiled up nice and good, or maybe the kid could start coming with an aluminum throttle.

    Overall, this thing is awesome, and gets ya going pretty quick. Only ride it on private property in Ontario, of course... ;)
  • Overall Rating
    great bike a little custom goes a long way
    Review by willis2kon 2/1/2014
    i just bought a engine kit from speed demons and it was complete crap the engine was a knock off hunk of junk and after a couple moths the engine was shot. so i switched to these guys and find way better build and genuine. free shipping over 150 plus 2 days had my kit versus speed demons expedited parcel and still took over a week. so very impressed there also.
    further more go on to say I've learned all the do's and don't's and some custom tricks to help make the bike last.

    1. instead of the chain tensioner i made a spring loaded one with a small bike sprocket and some old barrings i had.
    2. i got the hd hub assembly and heavy spokes for my rim made 100 times difference no more rim replacements. 3. i went and bought a dirt bike clutch lever so i know i wouldn't be replacing a 4th one.
    4. upgraded all the bolts, nuts ,washers with real 8.8 or higher steel definitely worth the 20.00 spent

    and learned do the break in process exactly as shown and remember to measure your oil mix right on and don't run the engine at high rpms for long periods of time.

    hope this helps there are more custom stuff you can do but its all trial and error and all the parts are so cheap who cares spend a couple bucks still 1000 times cheaper than owning a car. be creative and have fun i do.

  • Overall Rating
    Worth every penny
    Review by Doktoron 1/30/2014
    I was skeptical but I have to admit this little engine is awesome. I had to order an offset intake to allow me to fit in to my bike frame, but that was it. The kit contained everything I needed to get it up and running. Still have to tune the carb a little but its currently -24 C, so I am sure the cold air is affecting things. We did get it started and its a blast to ride. All in all worth the investment!
  • Overall Rating
    not bad
    Review by engine master 5000on 1/24/2014
    this engine is not bad at all but the carb leaks a little but that isant to bad I got a after market carb and it no longer leaks i also sujest getting a diffrent muffler if you want a little more power and if you want even more power get the kick ass boost bottle
  • Overall Rating
    Update to chopper build!
    Review by Tristanon 11/30/2013
    Ok so its all put together but without "Facecrap" I am unable to post pics. I have finished with all the extra stuff required for my Schwinn OC Chopper, and the engine runs pretty darn good! I have to admit with all the garbage you read on this ol'net thing, the product lives up to its motto "Best Engines for bicycles" online hands down.
  • Overall Rating
    49cc motor
    Review by simon blackon 9/28/2013
    the 49cc motor is not a bad motor it's in facked a very good motor, the only diffarnce between the 49cc and the 66cc is that they do have the same speed, but the 66cc has more up hill speed and tork, i've had 2 49cc and at some hilsl i had to pedal up but not with the 66cc unless it's very steap and i have a very heavy loaded trailer,, but if i have three 5gl jugs of water in the trailer it will make it up, there's one hill here that's very steap and the 49cc will not make it up at all, 66cc no problems with the trailer lightly loeded, so all in all for up hill tork and speed the 66cc will be best for you if you live where's there's lots of hills, 49cc the 66cc will be great for you if you live where there's little to hardly no hills, the 66cc has lot of towing power to boot as well
  • Overall Rating
    this place is great for there kits
    Review by simon blackon 9/28/2013
    i,ve had a gag motor kit now for some time, the first kit i ever got was from toys for boys and they never had all the parts in there kits, so i did some online looking and found this place, when i seen the word free shipping i had to order one, when i got it and opened the box i was suprised to se that they had some spare parts, there kits here are very good, the only thing is i take them for a hell of a right and blow the motor, this will be number 4 that i order, 2 from toys for boys 1 for here, i'm just wiating for them to get some in stock, i found that it's cheaper to get a new kit then to order the parts, this was i get everything new, thanks motorized bike for all the fun
  • Overall Rating
    from who lives in very up & down hill place!!
    Review by Benon 9/25/2013
    this kit is absolutely valuable, but you should be at least an armature craftsman to do it by yourself , to make it lot more easer , choose a bicycle with very ordinary round bars( like pipes) in body.
  • Overall Rating
    Great 66cc kit
    Review by DarrylBon 9/23/2013
    Total awsome kit. It was a little tricky to set up properly but got it installed. I was surprised to see how well it performed. Well worth the price. Support from the company is great
  • Overall Rating
    just ordered
    Review by Burshawon 7/19/2013
    Just ordered ill let everyone know as soon as its here... but everything i emailed with a question i had a response in 2-4 minutes with everything answered thank you.
  • Overall Rating
    First time build
    Review by Dougon 7/10/2013
    Just purchased the GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A 66cc Kit. It was my first build although I did have another unit to compare it to. Total time was 3 hours, including testing. It took about an hour to make sure the rear sprocket was aligned perfectly. The first trip out was 10km and it worked great. The motor has good compression (10 hours so far) and I expect the performance to improve after break-in. The only adjustment outside of factory I can see is to change the carburetor jet for proper location (elevation) during full power. Of course it always goes to the shop for inspection after every ride. I will be ordering the performance parts to go with this kit right away.

  • Overall Rating
    Review by Red Charronon 7/8/2013
    I'm glad I persevered and it was a great learning experience. I now know some of the problem and how to solve them. I'm not a mechanic, but I am a professional Welder Fitter. Ps I will buy another kit because they work great!!!
  • Overall Rating
    pretty cool motor
    Review by BROOOOOOOOon 7/8/2013
    I havent actually driven the bike yet im still putting it together... its only been a few hours and all i need left is the chain (b/c i didnt have a chain breaker) all in all a pretty easy install but i wish the kit came with a chain splitter of some sort. the bike looks really cool and im sure to turn some heads in my neighborhood hahaha hope it rides as good as it looks, and based on the reviews it looks promising :)
  • Overall Rating
    easy to assemble!!!
    Review by powerhouseon 6/25/2013
    everybody should buy one of those now and stop pedalling.took me only 4 hour to biuld and next one i could probly cut that to 3hr max.most dificult is to do the back Wheel aligment with the motor but like they said put it all together than you make adjument after.overall very satisfy gonna be able to make a few because none around here!!
  • Overall Rating
    GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A 66cc
    Review by Carl from New Brunswickon 5/13/2013
    Over all, I'm satisfied. This was my first build. Mounted the works on a Huffy Cruiser and it wasn't an 8 hour install. It took 2 weeks! There are NO forum discussion on the technical aspects of this type of build. My biggest drawback was the fact that the throttle wouldn't work (return) when the cable was attached to the carb. My resolution.... had to sand the needle valve piston as it was NOT round. The bike works great, lots of low end torque and a good top end speed. Thank you motorizedbicycle.ca, most fun I've had in 57 years.
  • Overall Rating
    Review by Pollyon 5/7/2013
    Very fast and only fill it up a bit.
  • Overall Rating
    : GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A 66cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit
    Review by daveon 3/24/2013
    hi great engines,i. have installed 8 of these kits 3 for my one use no problems with the motors at all, by bike has nearly 1000 miles on it ,in a year still going strong 22 blow freezing won,t stop it thanks bicycle canada
  • Overall Rating
    great motors love them
    Review by Steve the bike guy on 1/21/2013
    hi , i've bought 3 of these motor kits off you in the last year and all work great. i have built 1 schwinn cruiser with a boost bottle kit and hi preformance carb from you guys and it flies,i have also converted a schwinn electric bike in to a chopper with 5gta motor kit and speed carb and 56 tooth sprocket and shock mounted banana seat and ape hangers turns heads every where i go , i also have a schwinn mountain bike with a gt5 that i built last year and rode every day doing paper route in winter and it held up great i.ve had a few carb issues but nothing a 30.00 new one can't fix .
    any time people ask me where i got them i give them your website if anybody is interested i will build you a bike from frame up with any motor kit from this site and any component 4 years experience building motorized bikes for myself and friends and 10 years building bikes for canadian tire and walmart 10.000 + bikes assembled drop me a line at [email protected] thanks Steve Dempsey
  • Overall Rating
    Review by Jordan from PEIon 1/14/2013
    I purchased this kit about 8 months ago and I use it every day to get around. Even in at -10 degrees (C) it still works great with no "performance" parts although the carb does require some adjustment for colder weather.
    My experience certainly does not reflect many of the reviews of these "china girls" that you read about online.
    Most of the parts are pretty cheap but that's the beauty of it! $100 for a complete motor replacement! That's epic!

    So far I've had to repair / replace the throttle cable twice, the clutch cable once, and chain once. Be sure to order a spare master link and a cable or 2.

    A little regular maintenance goes a long way. I plan to buy another full kit to build a second bike when they are back in stock.