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 GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A 66cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit

GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5A 66cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit

Product Review (submitted on March 2, 2014):
I know absolutely nothing about motors, and did no research prior to purchasing the 66cc kit. Put it all together and it ran on my first try, was pretty easy to assemble. Had to get a different rear wheel and sacrifice my rear disc brakes. Other than the fuel line, everything came with the kit. Works awesome, gets me going about 60km/h on flat ground, sometimes a bit faster if the mix is perfect and she's hot. Only a few problems arose, some due to my inexperience with engines of any sort, some manufacturer problems.

- Within the clutch assembly, where the two gears are, the bolt holding in the smaller gearwheel came loose during operation, then punched out through the casing. I tightened it back in, cleaned up the savings and put on some JB Weld, works fine.

- The plastic throttle is maybe not a great idea, maybe a cheap aluminum one would be safer. Where the curved metal tube threads into the throttle (the one guiding the throttle cable to the throttle tube) is threaded into plastic, and this thread broke very easily, but only slightly. Just slightly enough to fray the throttle cable, and it then got stuck in the open position while I was operating it. The kill switch worked intermittently, and this was not one of those times. I hit my brakes and dug my feet into the ground to stop. I highly recommend people purchase an all aluminum throttle body (the throttle tube can be whatever) and keep 'er oiled up nice and good, or maybe the kid could start coming with an aluminum throttle.

Overall, this thing is awesome, and gets ya going pretty quick. Only ride it on private property in Ontario, of course... ;)